Dear Grown Ups...

Kids can’t vote and they don’t have political action committees. But decisions made by their country’s leaders affect children’s families, classrooms, doctor visits, even the food they have on the table. The new President and Congress have already begun shaping their priorities.

First Focus on Children and Highlights for Children have teamed up to make sure that kids get a voice and an opportunity to tell these new leaders what they need most before the January 20th Inauguration Day.


Are you the parent of a guardian of a kid who wants their voice heard? We've got instructions on how they can write, record, and deliver their message to the new President, Vice President, and Congress.


Are you a teacher looking for a fun & interactive classroom activity? We've got resources, templates, and instructions on how your students can get civically engaged and have their voices heard in Washington (and beyond!)


Are you an adult who wants to make sure the next generation has a voice? Check out these kids' messages and amplify their voices with a message to the adults who represent you!